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Our mission is to provide alternative, correction programs to help offenders develop skill sets to transition back into the community by empowering them to use their gifts and talents to create change and desire not to return to prison; by adding value to their lives through discipline and strength training spiritually, mentally, and physically through faith-based principles.

Who We Are

Pathfinders is a community and faith-based organization based in Illinois, serving the post-incarceration industry. We provide non-traditional reentry programs designed around the gifts and talents of offenders to reduce recidivism.

Target Market Served


Government agencies at state and local level responsible for grant selection and reentry programs and placement

Parole officers

Parole & probation officers who serve as influencers for program selections

Business owners

Local business owners who can benefit from acquiring a talented employee

Local communities

Local community / families of offenders to educate about our program and build community awareness



The main purpose for Pathfinders is to encourage, empower, and excel offenders to transition back into their local communities.

Our objective is to build awareness of our program to acquire participation and establish relationships with local government agencies to be recognized as a solution provider to reduce the rate of return to prison.


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