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How we work

Pathfinders is a community and faith-based organization based in Illinois, serving the post-incarceration industry. We provide non-traditional reentry programs designed around the gifts and talents of offenders to reduce recidivism.  

Our program consists of an 8-week military-style boot camp, designed to build discipline, character, and values for professional development and career training. 
We operate from faith-based principles and offer fresh and innovative programs for offenders. We focus on strength training from the inside and out. We believe that once these foundational disciplines are in place, that it will create a desire for offenders not to return to prison, because they can see a different path in life. 

History and research has shown that formerly incarcerated individuals have cited education, job training, and employment as vital needs not generally met during incarceration or after release. Our mandate is to break this cycle and implement new strategies to serve as a win-win for offenders, local businesses who are in need of good employees, and have positive impact by improving the crime rate in the community. 

Therefore, part of our success will come from working with local businesses willing to hire individuals with non-violent criminal backgrounds. This friends network is called PATH (Purposely Aligned to Hire). 



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